Mountain Bike: 7 Tips You Should Know

When it comes to the decision to buy a mountain bike, buyers often get confused with a wide variety of details and instruments for the bike. How many protective functions the bike has is also a matter to be cared for. Most importantly, people often want to possess a best mountain bike under 500 so that they could both bike comfortably and save a small amount of money.

However, before buying, there are 7 tips you should know and in this article, I will provide you with full of these 7 tips.

  1. Figure out the terrain for the bike

The bike you aim at has to be compatible with every characteristic of the terrain. If you choose a mountain bike randomly for the type of terrain you are not sure about then you will have to deal with a lot of troubles when you ride it.

Therefore, firstly, you have to analyze the terrain you are concerned about and then search for the type suitable. This is very important and will help you in some following cases.

  • The mountain bike’s tires lose its friction with the road
  • The brake is ineffective on the slope
  • The rear shock is useless
  • You cannot speed up when you want
  • Controlling the bike is difficult

These are some most common troubles bikers have to cope with when they buy a wrong bike for the terrain they choose.

  1. Create the principles and follow

You know that we will fail to buy a good bike if we do not have any principle or any plan. You cannot buy a product without knowing what it is and how much it is. So, there will have some guides for you as bellows to help you form your own principles and learn to follow them.

  • Have a fixed about only for buying the bike and accessories (divide how much for the bike and how much for accessories)
  • Go for only one type of bike (do not consider too many types)
  • Figure out all the criteria and base on these to test the bike’s quality
  • Follow all the principles you create such as only buying the best mountain bike under 600 or do not choose more than two accessories.

This is an example for you to consult to let you know the importance of making a detailed plan before buying a mountain bike.

  1. Buy the best one within your allowed budget

From you budget, you had better choose the best one ever even though you can only afford a cheap mountain bike. The small amount of money you spend does not mean that you have to buy a cheap bike with whatever characteristics.

However much your investment is, you have to look for the bike of good quality and even wait until the discount campaign comes. If you intend to buy a “so – so” bike and will upgrade it in the future when you have more money then you will consume more than you estimate.

  1. List all the required accessories for the bike

When you decide to try on mountain biking, you need a bike and some accessories for it. Nowadays, the number of accessories for a mountain bike is increasing and people are making it more complex by producing unnecessary products.

Thus, you ought to make a list of what you really demand for so as to avoid buying too many useless things. In addition, to some extents, you will become more dependent on these accessories and will not want to make more progress by yourselves but just lean on available instruments.

  1. Test your feeling

As usual, people often test the bike to know if it is suited. However, one important thing in mountain biking is your feeling. It is clear that you purchase a mountain bike as you want to enjoy adventuring feeling, right? So, you need to test the feeling to know if it is like you are riding up the mountain. A good bike will bring you satisfaction and comfort.

These are the five tips you should know in terms of mountain bike choosing. I think that you will have full tips, following our articles here.

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Innovative Hover boards and mobility scooters pave the way for amazing future

People these can be seen talking about water-proof smart phones, space travel, best electric scooters for adults or kids 2016 and a lot more, but one of the most talked about things is actually a hover board. Well, does that mean the future is here?

One of the main reasons why there is so much gossip and talking happening behind hover board is because there is one company called as Hendo which is turning your dreams into reality. This company is coming up with hover boards that would simply replicate the Marty McFly-inspired ambitions.hoverboard

What is so special about these hover boards?

  • Though these things are little costly and if you want to feel the real and thrilling experience then you may have to shell out $449 for a 5 min ride on a duplicate board with a hover engine. If you want to own this piece of real amazingness then the cost would come around $10,000. Though it is a lot of money but it is really worth it.
  • Apart from hover boards there is one more thing which is being liked by many people and these are called as mobility scooters.

Another best thing about the hover boards offered by Hendo Company is that these hover above an inch over the ground level. Though this one inch seems very less but the best part is the precision with which it flies. The super smooth performance leaves you with a mesmerizing experience.

Electric mobility scooters are affordable and environment freindly

  • If you think that $10,000 is a way too much money to be spent on these hover boards then you can go for an alternate option and is called as two-wheeled electric scooter. Not only it is reasonably priced but is also environment friendly.
  • These incredible electric mobility scooters are latest style statement for the youth and children. These electric scooters can be moved from one spot t another with your legs and there is no need to use the handlebars. It means no steering is required and due to this reason these scooters are proving to be a best alternate to hover boards.

To know more Hendo’s hover board equipment you can visit their official website and as per the latest updates the Company is planning to launch the 2nd Generation version of the hover board in 2017.

Company’s founder Mr. Greg Henderson has a long term vision as her wants to equip the mankind with incredible and super smooth hover boards. This is one of the main reasons he is coming up with new ideas for creating exceptional hover technology such as Magnetic Field Architecture. These hover boards can also come in quite handy during difficult situations such as floods, rising sea levels, zombie apocalypse and even during earth quakes.

So, get ready to experience this ultimate new level of technology and enjoy the hover board experience in a smooth and affordable manner. Future is here is and it will stay with you forever with these lovely technologies.

What is the best of High Sierra appalachian 75 internal frame pack

Everyone wants to have good backpack for having a safe travel trip. Don’t you want to have a good trip with your family, friends or alone? Then, you must look for a good quality backpack because this is really important. A good backpack will offer you sufficient space for taking your daily staffs that you will need through. Of course, there will be a number of backpack available in the market, and you will need to choose from. This could be a great challenging part for the travelers to choose a good backpack from the variety of options.
High sierra Appalachian 75 internal frame pack backpack is one of the best selections of the travelers that we picked today for reviewing. We are here to represent the backpack for you so that you can get proper information and make a final decision.

We have selected the backpack for reviewing because this is one of the best seller backpack in online websites. Moreover, the quality features of the backpack are also impressive to have during the trip.


Whenever you need to purchase a backpack, don’t forget to watch out the features and specifications of the backpack. This will give you a quick idea about the backpack. Always remember that you will need to go with the features. The features will help you to understand and compare your needs with the backpack.

  • Measurement: 25 x 10.25 x 34 inches
  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Capacity: 75 liters
  • Made of man-mad materials
  • Top loaded style backpack
  • Rainfly is included for rainy seasons
  • Good aluminum frame to hold the fix structure of the backpack
  • Removal MP3 harness pocket for music lovers


There is no doubt that the backpack will give you the perfect things that you will need from a backpack. There are so many positive side of the backpack that is mentioned below:

The materials of the backpack are really good enough to provide you long time support. You will always get good support and have enough space in the large backpack.

The quality zipper with locker system will help you to keep your mind calm when you are not with the backpack. On the other hand, there will be enough pockets where you can keep your small items very smoothly.

The straps are adjustable and easy to maintain. Moreover, the padded design of the straps will help you to choose the best way to carry the backpack for a long distance.

Don’t worry about water days because you will get waterfly to protect the backpack from water. As a result, you will never need to think about the safety of the backpack.

The aluminum frame will be always there to provide you the best way to deal with the problem and adjustable with the backpack size to maintain the shape. As a result, you can easily maintain the shape of the backpack and know how to deal with it.


Although the backpack is regarded as a good backpack by most of the customers, some complained about it too. There are some customers who have bad experience after buying the backpacks.

  • First of all, the backpack stitches are not good enough. A customer complained about the stitches was uncompleted. However, most of the customers do not find anything like this.
  • Secondly, the aluminum frame is not durable enough to support you for a long time. There could be some problem in some of the backpacks due to not keeping the backpack wisely and properly. The aluminum frames are always durable and provide good support to the users. May be the customers were not serious about the backpack, throw it and break it of their own fault.
  • Thirdly, the zipper of the large compartment is not enough durable. Most of the customers need to replace the zipper from any professional in order to get good support.

Although some of the customers do have the problem, the rest are okay. Therefore, this is really amazing to have a good quality function. There may be some defects in one or two backpack but the overall functions are okay. Therefore, you will need to check the backpack before you pay.


High sierra Appalachian 75 internal frame pack backpack is really an impressive one for having a good traveling day. You will surely love the quality and performance of the backpack for a long time. Moreover, there will be enough space in the backpack to spend a long time in the days. You may not like the backpack for its extra weight, but this wills surely convince your mind with its other quality. Don’t forget to have a look at the backpack before moving to another backpack at:


The 24 hours for visiting Hanoi capital

What will you do if visiting a beautiful, ancient and serene city like Hanoi on only 24 hours? You had better choose locations where marked the important milestones on Hanoi in countless famous places there such as the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, Hoang Kiem lake, the Temple of Literature and Long Bien bridge. If you don’t miss these destinations, your 24 hours will be enough for the most enjoyable experiences.

In the morning:

It will be very easy for you to meet the noisy and animated streets in Hanoi where there are full of the delicious breakfast dishes. In this paradise, whether you are in a hurry or your surplus time, there are a variety of choices for you. For example, a tasty packet of sticky rice pavement suits to your hurried trips or you can also enjoy a bowl of chicken or beef noodle and crab noodle from the street vendors with low price.

After finishing your wonderful breakfast, it is time for you to start your interesting sightseeing in this place. You yourself can discover freely that means coming anywhere you like as well as eating all of palatable dishes on your trip or taking part in hanoi street food walking tour to get the specific direction about the good food, impressive destinations and the unique cultures (more…)

How to Spend a Happy Holiday Tour – Travel Backpack

Holiday tour is one of the most important ways to celebrate off-work days. This is the time to give some time to the family members, take the family to the nearest city in order to show them the place to visit. Moreover, holiday tour becomes more special when you have your family and friends with you. However, sometimes the tour does not go as like you planned for. Of course, there are some certain reasons that will create obstacle to spend a happy tour with family.
Therefore, you will need some tips that will help you to spend a happy time in the holidays; BEST BACKPACK FOR TRAVEL can be a good option.
First of all, you will need to make a list of the people you are inviting for the tour. You can go to any good place to watch out the attractive spots. However, you can also select any family cottage (if you have any) and invite your relatives and cousins to have a good time. This is the best way to celebrate the holidays especially if it is the eve of Christmas.
Secondly, you will need to make a budget plan if you want to go to another city with your family. For that reason, you must need a healthy budget so that you can spend a good time. If you are in tight budget, then, you should consider the nearest places to visit.
Thirdly, you should use the best backpack for travel in order to pack everything in the bag. If you do not have any backpack, you should buy the best backpack in a short time. This is important to buy separate backpack for your children’s. This will reduce the weight of the backpack and give you the easiest way to manage the things.
Fourthly, you should always be careful in the tour to another city. You and your family member may not know the place. For that reason, you should consider to hire any guide so that you can avoid any trouble.
Fifthly, are you going for a solo backpack tour? Then, you also need the best backpack for travel so that you can pack everything. In this case, you should not drink as much as you can because this will bring trouble to any unknown city. In fact, you should drink one or two pack in order to be conscious and sensible.
Sixthly, you should book the hotel room or guest room before you reach to the spot. This is the best way to ensure the quality time with your family members. Sometimes you may not get the room where you want to spend your holiday. For that reason, you will need to change the tour plan because of your unaware act. Therefore, make a phone or contact with the executives in order to ensure your room to stay.
Finally, you should try to invent the places very carefully. You should not be out at very late night with your kids. This often causes troubles to the travelers in the unknown destination. In fact, you should always keep safe and prefer day time traveling.
The most important part is to have the best backpack for travel, when you are planning a holiday tour. You can’t have any tour without backpack at all. In this case, the backpack fees policy of airlines should be inquired before. Otherwise, you may need to leave your luggage in the airport because of heavy weight or pay more. Therefore, make your plan properly and inquiry everything that is important for spending a trouble free travel.


Longboarding which is a sport which involves riding and performing tricks using a longboard skateboard is considered as a brand new sport for Vietnamese adolescent. However, it is growing fast !!!!!. If you go around Nguyen Hue Street which is one of the biggest streets in Vietnam for pedestrians, you can see the young boys or girls performing longboarding or skateboarding. In the future, longboarding can become the popular sport, especially for youth. And if you want to choose the best longboards for yourself, don’t miss our topic and reviews at here.

Therefore, let’s have a look at the key reasons for the popularity of this sport in Vietnam.



The CO2 level is rising more than ever due to the large amount of vehicles’ emission. Longboarding can solve this problem! It is considered as a green vehicle to save the environment. Therefore, you can become a hero when practicing longboarding.


Adolescences tend to express themselves. They want to be unique, cool and have acceptance for their talents. On the other hand, they have not been considered as an adult so that they cannot have an ultimate power to act and speak without hesitation. For their problem, longboarding can become a solution. First of all, people can express their personality and characteristics through the various colour, decoration and styles of their longboarding components and accessories such as decks, wheels, helmets,..etc. They even can make their own styles and be different than anybody else by using standardised products. Secondly, people can do whatever they want when longboarding, they can jump high or low, turn left, turn right,….etc. Therefore, it can put people out of their limits and enjoy freedom. Morover, longboarding can save their time and energy so they are free to use their time for whatever they want. For all these reason, longboarding is suitable for not only adolescences but also adults who want to experience freedom.


How about the feeling that you can do something others people cannot? Image the impressed looks of people when you perform difficult tricks such as jump, dance, spin and slide with absolute good control. Do you feel better, smarter and healthier? It is a part of your amazing journey in life.


You have to practice many times to be able to longboarding. When longboarding, you observe what is going on and predict what is going to happen in the future. You control the velocity and direction as well as pay attention to objects around you. In addition, you must identify danger and solve problem such as how to get through the crowd. To be able to do all of these things, do you good enough to be considered as clever person?



Longboard does not occupy much space. Consequently, you can store them easily in your room, your locker and bring it to everywhere you like.


Longboard can increase your health? Definitely, It is considered as one type of sports, it not only good for your physical health but also for your mental health, especially when you find fund when longboarding. Instead of spending your weekend at home or in the boring room, you can go outdoors with your longboard in the lovely park and enjoy the active and youthful life with friends.


Longboard’s price is average around $150. This is a reasonable price in comparison with other sports. Moreover, long board can be durable and used in many years with a little maintenance cost.


Threre is many ways to learn longboard, you can learn it by yourself when looking at the videos and instructions posted online. In addition, you can find someone with similar hobby and share experience with them. The average learning time is around 1-2 weeks and does not take you long time.

Noted: all the pictures are found on the internet.

Proper Way to Go Backpacking

If it is your first time to go backpacking, there are basic things you need to find out so you can survive the trip. You are basically going to live on whatever is inside your backpack and if you want something that is durable, buy one of the best carry on backpack available. By using something that is made of high quality, you are going to notice the advantage it has over other backpacks that are not well-made. If you plan to go on a long backpacking trip, make sure you have everything you need and follow the tips that will be mentioned here.

Go backpacking

  • Choose someone who is well-experienced to guide you because you are still a beginner in this one. When you have a companion who knows how to do this well, you will have a peace of mind because you don’t have to figure everything out all by yourself. It is usually more fun when you have a buddy with you.
  • Pick a place that is very friendly to backpackers because some places aren’t. If you are backpacking for more than one night, set yourself up during the first night and you can relax the next day. There is nothing better than being able to unwind and relax for the rest of the trip.
  • When you choose the clothes that you’ll bring for backpacking, you should have a base layer, convertible pants or shorts, mid-cut boots or even the one used for hiking or walking on trails. Do not wear socks that are made of cotton because they will cause blisters. Ideal ones are wool or synthetic ones used for hiking. Always bring a jacket with you because you’ll never when you are going to need it. Keeping yourself warm is important and if you plan to go camping, your torso will be protected from bugs. Your body will be insulated keeping you from experiencing chills.
  • Know everything about the place you are going to by reading guidebooks because some authors of guidebooks provide very helpful pictures about the place. Going online also helps and there are backpacking websites you can visit. If you have chosen a destination, check online about the backpacking experiences that people had regarding the place.
  • If you have friends who are well-traveled, ask them to join you or refer places that you can visit in a certain destination. They can even recommend tourist spots you can go to that will match your taste and satisfy your curiosity about the place.
  • Have a checklist that you can refer to for items that you need to bring so you won’t forget anything. By having a checklist, you will be able to organize your thoughts well and there is very little chance that you are going to over pack. This is not something wise to do because you should only bring the things that you are going to need for the entire trip. Carrying an excessively heavy backpack is not something you will enjoy.
  • Expecting too much will only disappoint you especially with backpacking so learn to make adjustments. You will not be living in your own city for a few days so use the resources you have.


How to Avoid Risk While Riding Balance Bike

Riding a balance bike is a pleasure for children. It is a source of exercise and recreation as well. As riding balance bike is an outdoor activity, it needs proper care to avoid all the risk factors while your child rides it outside. We are going to discuss all the potential risks and the ways these can be avoided. Read on to grasp this valuable information as to get your child safe during riding. And click on this link,if you want to choose the best balance bike for your kid.

Teach Balancing Well

Many parents do not pay heed to teach their kids balancing well. They think that their children will automatically learn the thing as upon sitting on a balance bike, but in reality children can not control properly if they are not taught balancing well. So have close supervision for your child and once he or she has learned to balance well, you can let it ride alone.

Teach Some Basic Rules

You child needs to learn not only balancing but also other rules and regulations such as in which side on a road he or she should ride the balance bike. If all the kids are taught this, then there will be no chance of collision between one another while they are in riding. This teaching will also help them obey the road system from early ages thus they will be a good citizen.

Make Them Wear Helmet

You can never deny the urgency of a helmet whether your child rides a balance bike in an open field or in a park. This should be that your child always wears a helmet before start riding a bike.

Get Them Elbow and Knee Pads

You do not know when your child’s bike will collide with another bike or when he or she will fall from the bike. So you should always get them elbow and knee pads to avoid all sorts of injuries from corrosion.

Avoid Crowdy Street

You have to choose a suitable track for your child’s balance bike riding. Open field or empty road is okay for riding a balance bike, but do not go for a highway or jammed up the street.

Never Leave Them Alone

You should never let your child go for riding alone whether he or she rides individually or in a group. At least somebody adult should be with them for close supervision. Moreover, at the time of riding, do not let them go out of your sight because there might be some isolated places where there is a high risk of strangers who may harm the kids.

Choose Plain Lands

Plain lands are the best-suited surface for riding a balance bike. If you live in a hilly area, then at the time of riding, you will have to take your child to a suitable plain land.

Assemble Well

It is very important to assemble the balance bike well as to ensure that your child can ride comfortably. You can read balance bike review and how to assemble a balance bike to have more updated knowledge about this. If you do not assemble your child’s balance bike, there is a risk of the uncontrollable ride or different parts of the bike may at any time disjoint. So be aware of that.

These are some of the safety measures that you can take to avoid mist of the potential threats of riding a balance bike. You should not ignore any of the suggestions and if you think that to add any extra safety measure, do not wait to do so.

How do Crossbows Work?

How do Crossbows Work?

Crossbows can be a powerful tool for hunting the way they made crossbows before are only slightly different from the way they make crossbows today. It was mainly used for shooting their enemies, but today they are mainly used for killing and hunting animals. This is a classic item that will never be forgotten because manufacturers keep on innovating the way it is made.


First, crossbows need to be cocked before it can shoot an arrow. Crossbows require less draw length compared to other bows and they also produce a much faster fps to not let any target escape. Crossbows have a lesser draw length compared to the compound or recurve bow. Crossbows only have a draw length of between 14 to 20 inches.


When it is ready to be used, the archer raises it with both arms and aim at a target. Crossbows come with scopes that will let you magnify your target. It is important that the crossbow has a good scope and objective lens because it will gather more light to let the archer see the target better. Usually crossbows weigh between 7 to 8 pounds and they require a draw weight of 75 to 200 pounds, but for hunting its 150 pounds.


Once you have spotted your target, you are now ready to shoot, but make sure that it is less than 1000 yards away. It should only be 100 yards away for the crossbow to have a great impact on it. Crossbows have an fps of 315 to 400 which is ideal for hunting down small game. Some crossbows tend to make more noise than others, but all of them are relatively more silent than rifles. (more…)

The Water Work Out

Jump Lunge

For quads, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors and lats.

HOW TO: Warm up with 5 minutes of deep-water running then do the following exercises, resting 30 seconds in between. Repeat circuit twice. Start with lunges: Standing in chest-deep water, step forward with right leg, knee bent and right arm back, left arm forward. Jump up high and switch legs and arms. Go for 30 seconds. MAKE IT HARDER: Cup hands to increase the resistance. (Splash water at onlookers.)

Deck Dip

For triceps, lats, pecs and delts.

Here’s a novel concept: Build better arms and chitchat with your lazy friends. HOW TO: Stand in shallow water and face the side of the pool with palms flat deck, fingers forward. Jump up so arms are straight and supporting the body. Once you are balanced, slowly lower yourself till arms are bent to 90 degrees; then push back up, Continue for 30 seconds. MAKE IT HARDER: Continue for 60 seconds.

Karate Kick

For glutes, hamstrings, quads, delts, ails and lats.

HOW TO: Team up for some aquatic Tae-Bo. Stand on left leg in waist-deep water and hold Noodle above water in front of you with hands shoulder-width apart. Bend right knee and pull it in toward your body. Lean back slightly and use your abs and arms to steady yourself. Flex right foot and kick right leg out. Repeat for 30 seconds. Switch legs. MAKE IT HARDER: Kick higher, using your torso to maintain balance. Instead of using a Noodle, kick in chest-deep water and punch arms against the water’s resistance. (more…)