Longboarding which is a sport which involves riding and performing tricks using a longboard skateboard is considered as a brand new sport for Vietnamese adolescent. However, it is growing fast !!!!!. If you go around Nguyen Hue Street which is one of the biggest streets in Vietnam for pedestrians, you can see the young boys or girls performing longboarding or skateboarding. In the future, longboarding can become the popular sport, especially for youth. And if you want to choose the best longboards for yourself, don’t miss our topic and reviews at here.

Therefore, let’s have a look at the key reasons for the popularity of this sport in Vietnam.



The CO2 level is rising more than ever due to a large amount of vehicles’ emission. Longboarding can solve this problem! It is considered as a green vehicle to save the environment. Therefore, you can become a hero when practicing longboarding.


Adolescences tend to express themselves. They want to be unique, cool and have acceptance for their talents. On the other hand, they have not been considered as an adult so that they cannot have an ultimate power to act and speak without hesitation. For their problem, longboarding can become a solution. First of all, people can express their personality and characteristics through the various colour, decoration, and styles of their longboarding components and accessories such as decks, wheels, helmets,..etc. They even can make their own styles and be different than anybody else by using standardised products. Secondly, people can do whatever they want when longboarding, they can jump high or low, turn left, turn right,….etc. Therefore, it can put people out of their limits and enjoy freedom. Moreover, longboarding can save their time and energy so they are free to use their time for whatever they want. For all these reasons, longboarding is suitable for not only adolescences but also adults who want to experience freedom.


How about the feeling that you can do something others people cannot? Image the impressed looks of people when you perform difficult tricks such as jump, dance, spin and slide with absolute good control. Do you feel better, smarter and healthier? It is a part of your amazing journey in life.


You have to practice many times to be able to longboarding. When longboarding, you observe what is going on and predict what is going to happen in the future. You control the velocity and direction as well as pay attention to objects around you. In addition, you must identify danger and solve the problem such as how to get through the crowd. To be able to do all of these things, do you good enough to be considered as a clever person?


Longboard does not occupy much space. Consequently, you can store them easily in your room, your locker and bring it to everywhere you like.


Can a longboard increase your health? Definitely, It is considered as one type of sports, it not only good for your physical health but also for your mental health, especially when you find fund when longboarding. Instead of spending your weekend at home or in the boring room, you can go outdoors with your longboard in the lovely park and enjoy the active and youthful life with friends.


Longboard’s price is average around $150. This is a reasonable price in comparison with other sports. Moreover, a long board can be durable and used for many years with a little maintenance cost.


There is many ways to learn longboard, you can learn it by yourself when looking at the videos and instructions posted online. In addition, you can find someone with a similar hobby and share an experience with them. The average learning time is around 1-2 weeks and does not take you a long time.

Noted: all the pictures are found on the internet.


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