Innovative Hover boards and mobility scooters pave the way for amazing future

People these can be seen talking about waterproof smartphones, space travel, best electric scooters for adults or kids 2016 and a lot more, but one of the most talked about things is actually a hover board. Well, does that mean the future is here?

One of the main reasons why there is so much gossip and talking happening behind hover board is because there is one company called as Hendo which is turning your dreams into reality. This company is coming up with hover boards that would simply replicate the Marty McFly-inspired ambitions.hoverboard

What is so special about these hoverboards?

  • Though these things are little costly and if you want to feel the real and thrilling experience then you may have to shell out $449 for a 5 min ride on a duplicate board with a hover engine. If you want to own this piece of real amazingness then the cost would come around $10,000. Though it is a lot of money but it is really worth it.
  • Apart from hover boards, there is one more thing which is being liked by many people and these are called as mobility scooters.

Another best thing about the hoverboards offered by Hendo Company is that these hover above an inch over the ground level. Though this one inch seems very less but the best part is the precision with which it flies. The super smooth performance leaves you with a mesmerizing experience.

Electric mobility scooters are affordable and environment-friendly

  • If you think that $10,000 is a way too much money to be spent on these hoverboards then you can go for an alternate option and is called as the two-wheeled electric scooter. Not only it is reasonably priced but is also environment-friendly.
  • These incredible electric mobility scooters are the latest style statement for the youth and children. These electric scooters can be moved from one spot t another with your legs and there is no need to use the handlebars. It means no steering is required and due to this reason these scooters are proving to be a best alternate to hover boards.

To know more Hendo’s hover board equipment you can visit their official website and as per the latest updates, the Company is planning to launch the 2nd Generation version of the hoverboard in 2017.

Company’s founder Mr. Greg Henderson has a long term vision as her wants to equip the mankind with incredible and super smooth hover boards. This is one of the main reasons he is coming up with new ideas for creating exceptional hover technology such as Magnetic Field Architecture. These hover boards can also come in quite handy during difficult situations such as floods, rising sea levels, zombie apocalypse and even during earthquakes.

So, get ready to experience this ultimate new level of technology and enjoy the hover board experience in a smooth and affordable manner. Future is here is and it will stay with you forever with these lovely technologies.

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