The 24 hours for visiting Hanoi capital

What will you do if visiting a beautiful, ancient and serene city like Hanoi in only 24 hours? You had better choose locations where marked the important milestones on Hanoi in countless famous places there such as the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, Hoang Kiem lake, the Temple of Literature and Long Bien bridge. If you don’t miss these destinations, your 24 hours will be enough for the most enjoyable experiences.

In the morning:

It will be very easy for you to meet the noisy and animated streets in Hanoi where there are full of the delicious breakfast dishes. In this paradise, whether you are in a hurry or your surplus time, there are a variety of choices for you. For example, a tasty packet of sticky rice pavement suits to your hurried trips or you can also enjoy a bowl of chicken or beef noodle and crab noodle from the street vendors with low price.

After finishing your wonderful breakfast, it is time for you to start your interesting sightseeing in this place. You yourself can discover freely that means coming anywhere you like as well as eating all of the palatable dishes on your trip or taking part in Hanoi street food walking tour to get the specific direction about the good food, impressive destinations, and the unique cultures

Begin with the attractive tourist destination in this capital – Ho Chi Minh mausoleum where is the last resting-place of Vietnam’s greatest leader. After all, the main reason which you ought to visit this place firstly is that it just opens in the morning even it will close on Monday and Friday. The next stops in Hanoi are One Pillar Pagoda and Ho Chi Minh museum where to have the full detailed description about the life of the venerable president during the process which he rescues our country from colonialism. What is more, you are able to also find out about our country’s history and culture before more and more at Thang Long and Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam (temple of Literature) in Ba Dinh district. image 1

In the afternoon

In the event of your surprise before the breakfast heaven in Hanoi, you will fell more confused before the diversity of the different dishes such as the wonderful combination of tasty grilled meat and noodle in the Hang Manh street, the grilled tofu noodle in Trang Tien Lane, the special combination of noodle and crab soup in Hoe Nhai street or the famous Banh Cuon in the old quarter (Steamed rice rolls)

If you would like to get the overview about Hanoi, you can’t overlook taking a walk around Hoan Kiem lake (Ho Guom) and The Hut bridge. Luckily, if visiting Hanoi on the fun summer days, the combination of the ancient turtle tower reflecting on the blue surface of a lake and some scoops of cool ice cream is going to dissipate your tiredness.
In case you want to purchase some special souvenirs or enjoy street coffee at the crowded sidewalk, let you pass the Opera House and the French Quarter to go deep into the old quarter. On the contrary, you are looking for the quite atmosphere, let find out Egg-coffee shop in a small alley on the Nguyen Huu Huan street which hides deep in the heart of Hanoi.

You shouldn’t overlook the old quarter in Hanoi where attracts visitors by both hustle, bustle streets and the ancient beauty of old houses and French colonial buildings. Moreover, you don’t also forget reunion of the strange people from everywhere at Ta Hien (West Street). These intimate communications are maintained by some beer bottles and the plate of boiled or fried peanuts. image 2

At night

At night, you can see an overview of Hanoi follow another way on the Long Bien bridge. Let you come Ngu Xa street for observing Ho Tay and enjoying the famous dishes as seafood noodle soup and steamed rice rolls. You should also come the most outstanding culinary street at night – Tong Duy Tan and Quang Ba fruit market where opens from midnight until morning.

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